A Helen of Troi Empowerment session is for YOU. It is a time for you to feel your best self and have the empowering experience of a lifetime. This means that you can choose any. single. thing. YOU Want. All of our clients have the opportunity to come check out the client closet at the studio before we set out and we're happy to give suggestions but we'll always lean towards the outfit that makes you smile and dance—that's how we know you are feeling your most confident. Some ideas to get your creativity flowing: a slip, a colourful or unique piece of lingerie that hasn't made it's debut or has spent most of it's life in a drawer, jeans, your epidermis, a white tank top, a lace bathing suit cover up, and if you can't find anything at all, the wilderness will provide us with some water or leaves I'm sure.

What To Bring

There is chance that we'll be hiking to a location. Below you will find a list of items that will make our day more enjoyable:

-Running shoes or hiking boots

-Crocs or flip flops

-Layers for warmth(like a puffy) and for hiking(regular hiking clothing)


-A cover up that doesn't go over your head

-A towel

We always meet at the studio, in Blairmore, before our session so if you are in doubt about wearing something or bringing something along, bring it and we can always leave it behind before we start out on our adventure. If you have any questions(or want to have coffee), send me a message.