Heeyyyy Friend!

Creativity has always ran through my veins - when I was young I would spend every second of my days reading, painting, drawing, dancing, and anything I could to 'create'. Part of my creativity process was as simple as running around with a cheap point and shoot camera when I was 7. I look back now and feel terrible that I had my parents pay for my film to be developed just to discover that every single person was missing their head. Ooops. Fast forward 8 or so years and I received my Father's film camera and took it to University to start my adventure of late night/early morning dark room parties and developing everything at my own expense. I learned a lot and just in time to relearn the digital era!!

Photography allows me to be a part of a few worlds that I love - the creative process, loving people, and adventuring. Now that my two [amazing] little humans are a bit older, it's much easier to take them with me to Calgary, Kamloops, Edmonton, Vancouver Island, or wherever the wind blows us, to meet with wonderful clients I love, and deliver some images and artwork that they love.

Feel free to check out more personal and adventure photos on Instagram and shoot me a message if you want to chat! I look forward to meeting you!

Troi, xo


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