There is never a really a time that we, as humans, would naturally give permission to let someone into our life, in this way, to capture these moments. I get that. We wouldn't naturally allow someone to take photos of us kissing our lover either but yet we hire wedding photographers all the time and that's 'normal'.

As a creative person, I visualize certain images and art on my wall. An intimate b&w photo of my partner and I smiling at each other in bed was one I always visualized. I think it's just gorgeous art. But, more than that, it's a moment that sparks emotion. Yes, of course getting to that photo would be a bit guided but the moment that the image is taken, is real, and intimate, and beautiful.

These sessions, with your partner, are about connection. They are about making the space to create art that evoke emotion. Not only that, but these sessions are fun. Think of it as a fun date night. Together we discuss a date and time that work for both of you, as well as a private location. Hair and makeup are included in these sessions and are optional. Each session is anywhere from an hour to 3 depending on locations, props such as an air mattress or bedding. These sessions are unique to YOU—both of you. If you want to include a guitar, or shoot in your super cool vintage camper van GO FOR IT. If you want to rent a hotel room or shoot in a gorgeous bathtub, I'm there for it! All ideas will be taken into consideration ;)