Kamloops isn't quite my home town, but it's close - it's where I headed after graduating to start the next chapter of my life and then where my parents followed us to and decided to stay. So, I get the chance to visit my amazing clients and shoot in some of my favourite locations quite a few times within the year. Every time I'm there I make it a goal to find some new locations as well and of course, my Dad has usually found and scouted something out ahead of time :) I have photographed this little guy quite a few times and always in a different location but never here. I love that he is always up for a bit of an adventure and his mom is always such a great sport and goes along with whatever I have planned. Trust during a photo session is always a big deal, so thank you to those clients who just trust!

I'll be back in Kamloops in November friends! Contact me to set something up :)