We all have goals. We have personal goals, business goals, family goals and we try to conquer balance with all of them. I had a goal and consciously, or maybe subconsciously, I worked towards it, little by little, and woke up one morning surprised to realize I was achieving it.

I've always had this dream of travelling while I work and working while I travel. I love being based out of my area but I didn't want to be confined to it. My plan sounded damn near impossible. I, like most people, find the work/life balance tricky at the best of times but then to do one while you are doing the other. I didn't know how to make this happen but I thought about posting where I would be travelling and let people know that I could make the time to hang out with a cool family or two. This was a process in learning that dreams take time.

This year, my goal took on a different level. We were in a lot of different towns all over BC and as I posted where I would be, I had more and more bookings. This dream that I held in my heart, that I subconsciously, or maybe consciously, worked towards was coming true. Not only do I love to document my clients, and friends, but I love to tell their story in some of their favourite places. This was definitely a goal worth working towards.