Have you ever had an idea or goal in your mind that you have maybe been consciously, or subconsciously, working towards and you wake up one morning and you are right in the middle of it!? What? How can this happen? It did, it happened...I've always had this dream of booking my sessions and taking my family with me. I never wanted to work out of one area/town and I wanted to be able to have my work go with me and my family. Sounds slightly impossible right!? It is a difficult thing to do - to balance these, I feel, and to find the right job that allows you to do this. Little by little, this has happened without even knowing it - I would post where I would be and my clients would book their session during the time I would be in their city and it my dream naturally took shape. This year, it took on a different level as we were in a lot of different towns all over BC and I had more sessions than usual. This dream, that I held in my heart, that I subconsciously worked towards couldn't be contained. Documenting my clients, and friends, in their favourite spaces is so fun and a chance for me to see new areas and give these beautiful people art on their walls of their loved and familiar places.